Monday, September 26, 2016

What It Means To Bare Your Cross [Stake]

To bear your own cross [stake] is to realize that when you were baptised you walked into the water and were covered completely; that was symbolic of your dying to self, and when you rose up out of the water you rose up to newness of life as a new creation in the lord Jesus, God's anointed one. Now that you are a new creation having God's Spirit in you, you are now a Temple of Yehovah individually and collectively also form a Temple of Yehovah! You are now grafted into the Commonwealth of Israel as a member of the true Israel of God - Yehovah, and as such, a member of the household of Yehovah, a member of the congregation of Yehovah and a member of the called-out Assembly of God.
All of these things are the reason that we ought to bear our cross daily - which means making sure that the old self doesn't resurrect itself because we are not continually striving for perfection as defined in the scriptures as becoming more like God's anointed one, Jesus - Yehoshua!
To bear our own cross [stake] means we continually, by the power of God's Spirit and the Spirit of Jesus in us, overcome the desires of the flesh, the desires of the eyes, the pride of possessions, the attraction of the world; and we resist the allure of wicked spirit beings who would love to have us fail! That is what bearing our cross means.
It is a daily, hourly, minute by minute endeavor! It is those who do so until the end that will become co-inheritors and co-rulers with the one whom God made Lord and Messiah Jesus in the coming new age! To believe that Jesus is Lord is to believe and do all that he taught us to do, all he commands us to do, which is to abide by the will of his God and our God, his Father and our Father continually, even as he did and does! So we see that baptism is where regeneration takes place, which is only the beginning, then renewal as a new creation, and finally perfection when we are resurrected to ever be with the lord Jesus when he returns!

What God has revealed to us in the scriptures

The whole of the scripture revelation is about God's redemption plan starting at Genesis 3:15: where God prophesies that a man born of a woman will have a son who will defeat the Adversary - Serpent - Satan and thus bring about a restitution of all things as they were at the beginning. So we know that the one predicted in Genesis 3:15 is the son of God, the lord Messiah Jesus, who defeated Satan on the tree and by his shed blood reconciled all of humanity to his God and his Father Yehovah.
Now all anyone in the world needs to do to be delivered from God's Wrath is to believe in the one He has sent and believing in him to obey his command to repent and be baptized, immersed completely in water. When we enter into the water we are saying before our God that we are reckoning ourselves as dead to self and coming out of the water we realize a newness of life, become a new creation filled with the Spirit - Breath - Love of Yehovah. At that moment we have gone through a regeneration process. But that is just the beginning.
Now we need to be renewed in our hearts and minds to become like our elder brother the lord Jesus; and God enables us to do that by the power of His Spirit - Breath - Love indwelling us. At our baptism we have been grafted into the Israel of Yehovah - God, become members of His household, members of His congregation, members of the body of His anointed one and members of His called-out Assembly. We are also recognized by Yehovah our God as His temples individually and collectively because of His indwelling Spirit - Breath - Love in us.
We also become heirs of the promises made to Abraham and his "seed" Jesus God's anointed one to inherit this earth. And we look forward to co-ruling with the lord Jesus in the coming kingdom of God when he will rule over all the nations as King of kings and Lord of lords at that time with all the nations representatives coming up to keep the Feast of Tabernacles at Jerusalem - Zion... see Zech:14 all.
At Jesus death on the tree he ratified the New Covenant by his shed blood which he said he would do as that prophet, the one Moses spoke about - Deut:18:15; Acts 3:22; Act 7:37. So as those who are under the New Covenant what are we to do?
We are to live according to the CREED OF JESUS: Mark 12:28-34.... Jesus creed says we are to love God totally committed to him with all out being [in obedience]; and to love our neighbors as ourselves! That is impossible for us to do unless we are enables by the Spirit - Breath - Love of Yehovah indwelling us. As we submit to His indwelling Spirit - Breath - love we will become servant towards all our neighbors even as Jesus was the greatest servant of all and still is at this very moment, interceding for us as our High Priest and coming along side us to help and assist us as we walk on the narrow road towards the coming kingdom of God which is all that he talked and preached about.
WE are all destined at the resurrection to enter into the coming new age ruling in the Theocratic Government that Jesus will establish and co-rule overall the surviving nation during his 1,000 year rule.
What an amazing opportunity our God and Father has envisioned for us and to get where He wants us to be all we need to do is submit to the guidance of His Spirit - Breath - Love which enables us to obey the words that He gave Jesus to give to us.
Notice what Jesus says: Matthew 7:21 "Not every one that says unto me, ‘lord, lord,’ shall enter into the Kingdom of God, but he/she that does the will of my Father who is in Heaven.
Again: If we don't obey the words that Yehovah gave to His anointed one Jesus then you won't be in the kingdom of God..... Jesus make this complaint to those who say they follow him; Luke 6:46 "And why do you call me, ‘lord, lord,’ and do not the things which I say?
So believing in Jesus isn't all there is for us to do in order to realize salvation = deliverance, for after believing that he is the one whom God has sent and being baptized we all now need to go forward keeping the creed of Jesus enabled by his indwelling spirit and the Spirit - Breath - Love of Yehovah and preach about the soon coming kingdom of God...... It's that simple and yet that difficult!